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Advanced Wireless Fire Alarm System

This alarm system can detect fire or smokes through wireless sensors installed in different Zones, Zone may identified by individual addressable sensor or more than one sensors in a zone, repeater supports 256 zones. Repeater supports signal up to 100 mts. line of site. Each repeater contains ZoneID status, when ever a fire detect (i.e. 3rd Floor) every repeater display there is a fire alarm on (3rd Floor) ZoneID on its status panel. Host controller also receives all signals from repeater and it also display on Android display unit. Android unit also forward these alarms to fire office or concerned person via SMS alerts and also send trap signals to Central monitoring system.

wireless fire alarm system


Wireless Fire Alarm System For Small Building (Showroom, Home, Office Room)

wireless fire alarm showroon office

I Features
All Sensors are wireless , Easy to installation.
1. Supports 3G and Wifi connectivity For Advance. ( For Small Room Only GSM Synapse Host is required)
2. 256 zones for wireless detectors, more than one sensor can connect to a single Zone.
3. Set arm, disarm, emergency alarm by remote controller.
4. Set arm, disarm, monitor, output by calling the host.
5. Set arm, disarm, monitor, output by sending SMS.
6. Monitor environment on the spot.
7.10-group phone numbers
8. SNMP supports
9. Easy to set ON or OFF for Water Supply Controller
10. SMS alert for external power failure or recovery.
11. Built-in battery ensures normal work even power failure.
12. Product customization will be accept on request of bulk order.

Wireless Smoke Sensor

 wireless smoke sensor

Features :
9V battery (6F22 carbon battery, DC TYPE)
Static current: <10uA
Alarm current: <35mA
Alarm Temperature: 57 degree
Radio frequency: 315 MHz or 433 MHz
Battery life: carbon battery for about 1year
Alarm indication: LED flashes in Red
Alarm sound: >= 85dB/3m
Operation temperature: -10C ~ +50C
Humidity: <= 95%RH
Dimension: 128*38mm
International standards: GB4715-2005, EN14604, UL217
Detecting area: 80M2 at 6-12m installation height
60M2 at installation height<6m