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Network Monitoring

The Data Communication Network (DCN) transports network management traffic between network elements and their respective OSS,making them a vital link between the service network and the network operations center (NOC). The solutions presented in this softwrae how to monitor, plan these vital links and also provide the visual information about Network Elements their routed path(topology) ,third party network devices if used. Tool uses telnet,FTP,SNMP mixed protocol to retrieve the linkstate route database from the various routing equipments,SHD,PDH DCN Network Protocols, these linkstate route frame data can also extract from ethereal tool. The tool gets linkstate data repeatedly from any one of L1/L2 routing or network deivce. The tool extract the linkstate information and provide the information about transport network and visualize to the user.


1. Online or Offline IP Network Topology, ISIS Topology, CLNS OSI Topology generation.
2. Graph or Network cluster generation.
3. Statistical Data mining facilities
4. Supports LAPD level network planning
5. ECMP cluster/node finding.
6. Monitor the SPF changes.
7. Network Fluctuation propagation view.
8. Comparison up to N-level changes.
9. Unlimited report generation facilities.
10. DCN Report generation (GNE load, Unknown System, LAN Load, DIS etc).
11. Works on both IS-IS , IP or mixed protocol.

Data Communication Network Monitoring Software Architecture

Data Communication Network (DCN) Software Architecture

IS-IS Topology Cluster View

 ISIS Topology Cisco Router SDH Element Topology

ISIS Topology Cloud View

ISIS CISCO Database Topology

System Requirements

1. Microsoft OS ( XP, windows 2000 etc)
2. Native database is MySql, any other database system can use used.
3. TCP/IP Stacks.
4. In online mode connection must require (VPN, direct LAN etc) to one of the Agent(s).
5. User can parse the data offline mode(Element, Route Database file along with parser patch).