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Home security systems, SMS monitoring, Best Low cost GSM based Electronic Home Security Systems in India

home security systems

More Reliable As Wired  Security System

Easier And Clean To Install

Four Steps To Install

Low Cost in India

SMS and Mobile Call to User

System Can Use  In Bungalow As Well As Apartments

Control Your Home  Anywhere  In World

User Can Configure Sensors  From Mobile Adding, Removing Sensors And Many More

Built-in Battery Backup

Wireless Sensors ,Wired Sensors and Siren

One Year Replacement Warrenty

One of our biggest sllers is our unique Wireless Synapse Home Security Systems it offers a very versatile home security systems that gives business and home owners an audible and visual alert from up to 16 detectors for when a visitor arrives, or a problem arrises with water leakages or fire problems, and with a simple press of a switch you can turn 12 of the detectors into a full armed condition that will trigger a 100Db siren or Mobile SMS/Call in the event of a problem.

You can select a mixture of our 12 battery powered wireless detectors to suit your individual application ranging from PIR's, Door and Window Magnetic Contacts, Water Leakage Detectors, Wireless Vibration Sensors, Wireless Tilt Switches, smoke Sensors and even a Wireless Triggered Emergency Alarm Alert.

When these 12 detectors are in the armed condition you can still utilize the 4 sensors that are still operating as a simple alert warning signal. The wireless sensors and detectors are all battery powered and transmit using 433 Mhz.

Now, you may suprised to how your home security system can interact with you while you’re miles away. Well, the unit comprises of a control Panel device, which can wirelessly communicate with your GMS cell phone. Therefore, the intruder(s) and thieves can’t tamper with it, and various sirens and sensors are connection to the central control device as well.

We offer reliable low cost home security systems in India; our systems are highly configurable adaptable to other manufactured sensors and our Android Apps are pluggable to other Security system manufacture like Honeywell, Zicom, ADT etc.


Wireless Sensors For Security System

Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor Wireless Human Motion Sensor GAS Sensor Glass Break Sensor Wireless Smoke Sensor Wireless Door Shutter Sensor   Remote Key Home Security
Magnetic Door Human Motion (PIR) Gas Sensor Glass Break Smoke Sensor Door Shutter   Remote Key

Human Motion (PIR) Sensor

The Sensor having unique 12 bit ID, which is transmitted on 433 Mhz frequency upon detection of motion of living being. The sensing concept is Passive Infrared Rays which gets triggered when there is any motion of living objects in front.


Distance: 100 Meters
Radio Frequency: 433 Mhz
Human Detect Distance: 6 Meters
Event Trigger Type: PIR (Passive Infrared)
Battery : 9V standard
Active Transmit Indicator LED
Low Battery Indicator LED
Operating Current: 28uA
Active Transmit current(500ms on sensing): 21mA
Operation Battery Life: 1 Years
How to Fix: Wall Mount accessories provided

PIR Human Sensor How to Fit


Magnetic Door Sensor

Each unit has unique 12 bit ID, which is transmitted on 433 Mhz frequency upon detection of door/window opening. The sensing concept is magnetic reed switch which gets triggered when distance between two units increase more than 1.5cm. One unit has magnet inside and another has reed switch which senses the magnet.


Distance Range: 100 Meters
Radio Frequency: 433 Mhz
Gap Distance: 1.5 cm
Trigger Type: Magnetic Reed Switch
Battery Type: 12V 23A
LED Active Transmit Indicator
Low Battery LED Indicator
Operating Current: 1.5 uA
Active Transmit current: 12mA
Battery Life: 1 Years
How to Fix : Double sided adhesive tape provided.


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